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Praise for A Short Life

book-cover-500“A book that oozes with raw youthful spirit. Jim feels like a close friend-- maybe that's because of his blunt honesty or his unabashedly cynical humor. Or maybe it's his easy demeanor in telling the most difficult story imaginable, the story of his own death. The first line strikes me with more force every time I read it: "I want to write a book before I die that has a pulsebeat, that yawns and breathes and hisses and steams with the condensate of my life; some of its ups and downs and smiles and lies and twists and turns and ins and outs." Jim certainly succeeded in that endeavor and so much more-- his work continues to boil my own life with ferocious intensity, evaporating the inessential and leaving only the pure stuff of life: the joy in tinkering with ideas, the importance of experiences with those we love, and the value in seeing as much of the world as possible (from as many perspectives as possible) before we clock out for good. Jim's book, like his life, was brief and inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to lead a meaningful life.”
Greg L., Amazon customer

“Jim’s memoir was often my companion at lunch. Throughout his adventures as a teenager, medical student, and cancer patient, Jim Slotnick embodied what a medical doctor should be long before earning the title of “MD.” He reminded me to take nothing for granted – to live life and help others live theirs.”
Scott Lee, MD

“This book made me laugh and it also made me sad. Most importantly, it made me really think outside myself and recognize the world around me, a crucial aspect of being a complete physician.”
Lucas Karaelias, MD

“Facing the challenges of cancer, Jim Slotnick wrote a book that is heartbreaking and a must read to help understand end of life struggles and the importance of palliation.”
Marie Crandall, MD, MPH, FACS

“I must confide I was up half the night reading Jim’s memoirs. He was so thoughtful and witty – he must have been a truly amazing person to have known. Someone who inspires those around him to see the world with a fresh and unique perspective”
Mark Benor, MD

"I devoured "A Short Life" in a day or two a few weeks after I got my cancer diagnosis, and I've learned more from it about this disease than just about anything else I've ever read."
From Thinking Positive, a blog about Cancer and AIDS by Paul Serchia