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Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine

hp-book“No work better embraces narrative medicine than A Short Life, by Jim Slotnick. This prescient memoir, written in 1983 and published in 2014, narrates a young medical student’s terminal illness from pre-diagnosis to his final days. It is a song of life’s joys, deadly shortcuts in medical practice, the necessity of listening and paying attention, and the essential value of compassion.”
by Wendy Miller, Medical Librarian and Professional Reviewer

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Arnold P. Gold Foundation

“In my third year of medical school, I was given a book that profoundly impacted my view of the doctor patient relationship. This book, A Short Life, is the soulful memoir of an unforgettable young man named Jim Slotnick, who entered medical school with dreams of becoming a doctor for the underserved. Instead, he ended up being diagnosed with a brain tumor that ultimately took his life. This powerful, poignant book offers the unique perspective of a medical student confronting his own mortality. In many ways, A Short Life is a patient’s plea to be heard. It’s a book that serves as an urgent call for compassionate care and humanism in medicine.”
by Daniel Butler, MD

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