Reflections Hear what Slotnick Fellows Have to Say

David H. Solberg, MD, FACOG

Obstetrics and Gynecology, 
Capital Women’s Care, Hagerstown, Maryland
Fellow, 1988

The Jim Slotnick Fellowship has been a formative milestone in my journey both in life and in the practice of medicine. My journey began at the age of five when, while watching my uncle, a plastic surgeon, perform a minor surgical procedure on a young child, I knew in my heart that the practice of medicine was my destiny. The death of my parents during my undergraduate years placed my goals in jeopardy as I found myself of limited resources, both familial and financial. Three remarkable events occurred in rapid sequence that assured my destiny: meeting my wife Suzanne, who has been and continues to be a great source of support and inspiration; graduate work in the laboratory of Dr. Jared Diamond, which ingrained a methodological method of applying scientific thought; and receiving the Jim Slotnick Fellowship.

My Fellowship experience was remarkable for several reasons. First, the respect and dedication of the staff for Jim’s memory was very moving. His memory was and continues to be a source of inspiration. Second, the physicians, nurses and staff were compassionate, committed and entirely nonjudgmental in the provision of care to all patients. I have incorporated these ideals in the practice of medicine ever since. Last, I learned the importance of sharing knowledge and ideals in a nurturing, positive environment. Those lessons helped me earn the position of administrative chief resident during my OB-GYN training, receive a resident teaching award and subsequently become elected chief of staff at my hospital, followed by election to the hospital board of directors.

I feel immensely honored to have been awarded the Jim Slotnick Fellowship and feel very blessed to include this major milestone as part of my journey in the practice of medicine.