Reflections Hear what Slotnick Fellows Have to Say

Samuel Tseng, MD

Chief of Primary Care, Kaiser Permanente, San Ramon, California
Fellow, 1996

The Jim Slotnick Fellowship gave me a special opportunity to work at The Los Angeles Free Clinic. My time there provided me with valuable experience in seeing how healthcare can be delivered to an underserved patient population. It was heartwarming to see the volunteers, staff, and health providers coming together to make it all work. In an environment where resources were often limited, it was their passion and love for the patients that kept them on mission.

Though my time there was brief, the experience stayed with me. It led me to other community medicine experiences including a return to LA Free Clinic as a 4th year medical student rotation and multiple other medical mission trips to Mexico. Ultimately, this also played a part in my decision to select family medicine as a career.

The Jim Slotnick Fellowship was truly a wonderful and unique experience for me as a medical student. My memories there will always have a special place in my heart.