Reflections Hear what Slotnick Fellows Have to Say

Roberto Gonzalez Huerta

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Class of 2021
Fellow, 2017

Participating in the Jim Slotnick Fellowship this past summer at Saban Community Clinic has been the highlight of my medical school experience. I learned a significant amount about clinical practice during the Fellowship, much more than I would ever get at this stage in my training. I had amazing clinicians guiding me as well as wonderful staff supporting me. However, the value of the Fellowship was working with the patient population of the clinic. Listening to each patient’s experience regarding their ailments and concerns reminded me every day of why I chose to go into medicine. Even when clinic was busy and I was feeling overwhelmed, I was grateful for the privilege to be there.

Additionally, the Fellowship allowed me to take my observations, and put together a project that could potentially benefit the clinic even after the summer was over. This experience showed me that even as a medical student I can make a difference. I am grateful to have been a Jim Slotnick Fellow, as memories of this past summer will serve as motivation to continue advocating for health equality, as well as encourage me to become the best physician I can possibly be.