Reflections Hear what Slotnick Fellows Have to Say

Maria A. Pielaet, MD

Medical Director
, Living Well Health Center, Redmond, Washington
Fellow, 1985

It was quite an honor when I was selected as the first Slotnick Fellow: I cannot believe it has been 30 years! Being awarded the Fellowship to work and train at The Los Angeles Free Clinic was so fantastic for me, because Free Clinics are so dear to my heart. Additionally, I learned so much while working at the clinic! It was in that setting that I truly learned to maintain compassion and caring in the face of tremendous need. In the years since, I have returned to volunteer at different Free Clinics in my area. Currently, I am the Medical Director at the Living Well Health Center on the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington. We are a full service center: we offer Primary Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Wellness coaching, Ergonomics, and EAP for counseling for the Microsoft employees. In addition, I was excited to find that there is a Free Clinic in Bellevue and I plan to volunteer there at my first opportunity.

What I hope I am communicating is that being the Jim Slotnick Fellow has been played forward multiple times and will continue to carry a legacy in my medical practices, as well as my life.